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This dojo is a offspring from a Code Complete study group. More infor here:


The Albany, NY Coding Dojo. We’re just getting off the ground, and would love to see SUNY, RPI, Union, HVCC, Skidmore, etc. students participate.


“All Day Coding Dojo” is a tem coined by JezNicholson to cover a workshop form of CodingDojo . The idea is to run a one-day workshop following an Agile / Scrum project plan from idea conception, writing user stories, sprint planning, development (Coding Dojo style), demos to a ‘client’ and a retrospective. See for a description of how this was achieved at the London Games Festival Fringe on Thursday October 30th 2008


Alt.NET Montréal [hosted] a Coding Dojo in 2009, but there is no recent activity and the [the web site] is abandoned. Maxime Rouiller started this community, according to [his blog post] .


A dojo in Brazil, DF, Brasília. ijijijij


The Brighton Coding Dojo group meets fortnightly in Brighton, UK. We have been running for a year and are still going strong. We are a small and friendly group who welcome visitors! See more about us at:


Coders Dojo Sweden started in October 2006. AndreasLarsson and ThomasNilsson from Responsive Development Techology ( picked up the idea at XP2006 in Oulu, Finland. We thought it would be intresting to try this in Linköping, Sweden. We meet bi-weekly, participation is free and there is no need to register. If the group is larger than twelve persons we simply split into two groups. We normally have 10-12 participants. Visit our site at dojo.


Coding Dojo at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Coding DOJO SEA SEA Tecnologia ( is a software house in Brasília, Brasil. We are using the Coding Dojo to train our programmers in TDD and we plan to use it to help contract new programmers, soon. We talk about the Dojo eventualy in 27-Jul-2009 10-Jun-2009 20-Mai-2009 06-Mai-2009 29-Abr-2009 08-Abr-2009 15-Abr-2009 1-Abr-2009 4-Mar-2009 25-Fev-2009 18-Fev-2009 11-Fev-2009 28-Jan-2009 21-Jan-2009 14-Jan-2009 7-Jan-2009 17-Dez-2008


Coding Dojo at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Check out our GitHub repo.


Waiting for reports from the last meetings.


Gothenburg Python User Group. ( Chairman is EmilyBache .


Gothenburg Ruby User Group This is a group of geeks who meet regularly in Gothenburg, Sweden. The purpose of the group is really to learn and discuss Ruby, but we usually run a dojo-like session every other meeting. For more information see our wiki or mailing list, Session Reports 19-Sep-2007


The event was brought to Helsinki, Finland for the first time on November 23, 2005, inspired by the ParisDojo . Since then there have been irregular dojo sessions that are organized through the Agile Finland wiki (


This dojo is organized for people that work for/at Microsoft in Redmond, WA, USA. The following text only makes sense if you have a address: Join the dojo alias on the autogroup site for announcements.


MucNetDojo – .NET Coding Dojo in Munich Germany’s first Coding Dojo based on .NET Framework & related technologies. Website:


Dutch Coding dojo convenes irregularly, there is a yahoo group codingdojo-nl where you can find out about the next one. MartijnMeijering started the dutch dojo. You can also ask WillemVanDenEnde or MarcEvers if you want to find out more. Next dojo: January 6, through (go to that site to register) in Amsterdam, facilitated by RobWestgeest and WillemVanDenEnde .


The Oklahoma City Coding Dojo does not currently have a website, we do however meet at the [OkcCoCo] on a somewhat regular basis. We typically use the RandoriKata style and have used C#, Java, Scala, and Ruby for the katas. We may work on our own personal laptops depending on how the attendance is for that night. [Mailing List] [Twitter Account]


This CodingDojo in Ottawa convenes twice a week in the WellingtonVillage / Westboro area. Our members meet at a local coffee shop to practice programming by working informally on personal project. This allows the attendees train programming techniques like TDD / BDD or pair programming. In the future, we hope to convene more formal sessions where Kata and Randori can be performed. See for more information.


Paris Dojo Bienvenue ŕ Paris, FRANCE ! The Paris coding dojo was founded in Dec/2004. Sessions usually take place each week. Session Reports Session reports (french) and registration - An example of a previous session : Monday June, 25th 2007 * Next planned session: July, 2nd, at Epiconcept. New patterns: _Randori*_ (read “randori star”): like a regular randori, but with two computers and two code branches. _Krata_: Dirty Kata (French pun, don’t ask…).


The Pittsburgh Coding Dojo has been meeting since April 2006. Our home page is at, and we have a mailing list at We have evening meetings every month (usually the first Tuesday of the month, though that varies) at the Pittsburgh Technology Council (


I am not aware of any Portland or Seattle area coding dojos, but I am intrigued, and want to join if one exists, and or set up if not. See


Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil!

The Dojo@São Paulo was founded in July/2007 and the meetings are held on Monday nights at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics - University Of São Paulo (IME-USP). Join us at (mailling list in Portuguese).


A London, UK based financial software company that has been running an internal coding dojo. Results can be viewed on their blog at https /index.php