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Álvaro Justen Also knowed as Turicas , [Álvaro Justen] is a brazilian guy that loves Coding Dojo and spread it over the country with his friends of [] . Areas of interest Free/libre software Computer networks Agile development Electronics/ [Arduino] [Python] Web development (and [web2py] ) A lot of other things :-) More information Blog: [Turicas’ blog] (Portuguese) Twitter: [@turicas]


“Playing Coach” at Responsive Development Technologies. Started CodersDojoSweden with ThomasNilsson after XP2006 confernce in Oulo, Finland. Got hooked on the idea after a midnight sun coding session! We have run our dojo since then in Linköping, Sweden. We have also tried the concept at out customer companies with great results. Presented the BowlingKata together with ThomasNilsson as a prepared Kata at a workshop in XP2009 in Sardinia, Italy, that was organised by EmilyBache .


I’m a developer at YouDevise ( in London. I’ve wanted to attend a dojo for quite some time, but couldn’t make it to any (Brighton is a bit hard on a weeknight). I recently started one at our company, and the first one went so well that others clamored to run the subsequent ones. Good times. I can be reached at We have write-ups of various dojo’s we have run on our blog at https dev.


I am from Hamburg, Germany and my primary work is being an IT Architect/Application Security Officer. I regularly give in-house corporate trainings as well as regular university lectures regarding topics such as Clean Code, Agile Software Development and Web Application Security.


I am the “new” coordinator for the PittsburghDojo , following the great lead of GregAkins who founded and still participates in the group.


Member of a coding dojo every 2nd et 4th mondays in Bordeaux –


A colleague of mine referred me to this site in preparation for a PreparedKata on Scala. see also [my page in the portland pattern repository ] , [my W3C homepage] [my advogato hacking journal] [friendfeed aggregation] of links, notes, etc. from delicious, twitter etc.


Rudy X. Desjardins - a.k.a. the Dangerous Programmer :)


Software developer and consultant at ThoughtWorks UK ( After attending EmilyBache ’s dojo session at XP2007 in Como, Italy, and discussing with EmmanuelGaillot , he decided to organize the second Dojo in Brazil and founded the Dojo@Săo Paulo . More information about me in


I organize the MSFTCorpDojo .


I am a software developer, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I often lead dojo sessions at the Gothenburg Python User Group ( GothPy ) and sometimes the Gothenburg Ruby User Group. I have spoken at various conferences such as agile2008 and XP2007 and done Katas/dojo sessions, often using the tool TextTest ( to drive development instead of xUnit. There is some more info about me on linked in and if you want to contact me directly, please do so on emily (dot) bache (at) cantab (dot) net


Emmanuel is one of the founders of the ParisDojo . He’s been attending most of the sessions since December 2004, date of its creation, and he actively participates in shaping the Dojo, both as a concept and an organization. He’s presented the Dojo and its work at various conferences with the help of LaurentBossavit and ChristopheThibaut – among others. Emmanuel is more specifically interested in the performative aspects of the Dojo – what happens when someone develop in public repeatedly the same piece of code – and how it links to theatrical performance theory.

Étienne Charignon

Software developer in Paris, France. I discovered the coding dojo with the first group of practitioners in Paris where I went on a regular basis from 2006 to 2008. Among many participations, I had the idea of the MasterMind that I presented at the dojo and in a conference (in french) with the help of EmmanuelGaillot. You may contact Étienne by mail at : etienne (dot) charignon (at) ut7 (dot) fr


Fernando Meyer is a Brazilian software engineer with more then 7 years of experience working with different software vendors, system integrators and consulting. He also have previous research and development background with a deep architectural understanding of Java (JEE and J2SE) on multiple projects since 2002. Prior to J2EE, I spend two years as intern doing C/C++ research at the university. At the moment Fernando works for RedHat at the JBoss Drools Project


Fredrik is JustAProgrammer . See more of him as @froderik at twitter or blogging at [high level bits] .


Works for Iptor Konsult AB. Business card says “Java Consultant”. First Dojo was when I decided to start learning Python. The Gothenburg Python user group, GothPy , led by EmilyBache and Andrew Dalke, practiced TDD and about every second gathering involves some form of Kata. Since 2009 I’ve been co-hosting the JDojo@Gbg Java oriented dojo in GothenBurG (with EmilyBache ) but also help clients run their own Coding Dojos. - great employer :)


I organize the PittsburghDojo .




I am a software developer, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My first contact with Coding Dojos was by mid 2007 when DaniloSato brought it to Sao Paulo. Since then, we’ve held over 80 meetings adapting and changing rules ot our reality. By the end of 2008, this experience resulted in the Kake format which was presented at XP2010. I’ve also been seriously involved with Agile methods since 2007. If you want to contact me directly, please do so at hugo (dot) corbucci (at) gmail (dot) com


Ilker Cetinkaya, Software Architect and founder of .NET Coding Dojo Group in Munich, Germany. Website:


I’m a simple software developer. Ok, software development may not be a simple thing, but I believe there are too much people trying to complicate it today, and that’s why I consider myself also an Agile fan. In the last few years I’ve been working in agile projects (mostly ExtremeProgramming ) acting as programmer, coach, trainer, mentor and manager. In 2006, after a first contact with the concept of CodingDojo described in the HelsinkiDojo wiki, I started the FloripaDojo in Florianópolis, Brazil.


A software consultant, coach, mentor, etc. in the United States. Helped start the AgilePhilly UserGroup . Helped get a couple of CodingDojo activities started in that group before moving to Florida. Currently trying to build a group of Agile-minded folks in the South Florida area.


I have been a frequent attendee of JohannaHunt ’s BrightonDojo . Have run fortnightly sessions with my team at work doing what I have coined as an AllDayCodingDojo . This is a sort of Agile Scrum project in a single day. I ran a one-day AllDayCodingDojo workshop event for the London Games Festival Fringe 2008. profile: blog:


I’ve been running Coding Dojos and Code Retreats across Scotland since 2006. I’m currently putting together a pack to allow encourage more people to start Dojos. Here is an [article and video] I wrote on Dojos.


I’m a researcher, looking at communication in agile teams, based in Brighton, UK. I was fascinated by the Coding Dojo after hearing about it at XP2006 in Finland - especially how dojos might help for learning programming. I subsequently contacted the people behind the Paris Coding Dojo to get some tips before setting up a small group, the BrightonDojo in Brighton, UK last year. The Brighton Group has now been running fortnightly for a year and is still going strong.


Hi, my name is John Smart. I run [\[Wakaleo Consulting]]( , and the Wellington Coding Dojo. I am also the author of the ‘Java Power Tools’ book.



Hi I’m Jon Jagger I’ve written a coding dojo server in Ruby on Rails. It’s called CyberDojo and it’s url is It’s free and there are no adverts. There’s a screencast of me doing a Ruby kata using CyberDojo at My email address is My blog is at I’m on twitter at My home page is at


Software developer and agile enthusiast. Helped to organize the second Dojo in Brazil : Dojo@Săo Paulo. More info:


Currently working at Yahoo! Europe and running a Coding Dojo internally, aswell as being a member of the Brighton Coding Dojo run by JohannaHunt Hey Karl! Good to hear from you :) – eg.


Software Developer Added * KataTennis and * KataDictionaryReplacer


I’m a consultant, coach and trainer, based in Helsinki, Finland. Most of my paying work is related to helping clients in rolling out and running agile methods such as ScruM and ExtremeProgramming , or developer-oriented techniques such as TestDrivenDevelopment . I got involved in this wiki after getting contacted by IvanSanchez who in turn contacted me because I’ve been somewhat active with introducing the CodingDojo concept in Finland. Having said that, MarkusHjort and PekkaEnberg have been the leading figures around these parts and I’ve been mostly just watching from the sidelines :)


Software developer in Annecy, France.


I am a software developer, based in Helsinki, Finland. I first got introduced to concept of Coding Dojo in JAOO 2005 where Uncle Bob showed the famous Bowling Game Kata. After that we had discussion about Coding Dojo’s in Agile Finland forum. I contacted guys behind Paris Coding Dojo to get some tips. And then we went on…


Aka xpmatteo. Lecturer in Varese, Italy, and coach in Sourcesense. Home page


Happy to Help, Michael Finney at your service. Search for the three words “Michael Finney software” and you will get great information and more. * contains my career path via LinkedIn. * Plaxo is awesome. Check out my "published" works. ;)


Mike is a consultant / technical team lead living in Perth, Western Australia. He has recently been running BrownBagSession s at work and would like to start a CodingDojo at work as well. In time he’d also like to start PerthDojo . He occasionally goes by the name of Wolfbyte. Talking about himself in the third-person make him feel weird. So I’ll quit it. You can contact me directly at michael.


Hi! I’m planning to make some minor changes, copyediting and such like, as well as helping come up with new ideas if I can.


I am a facilitator, consultant, and systems architect from the Netherlands. I am introducing CodingDojos in some open source and hacker spaces. More: [About nynke] [FosWiki]


I’m an IT guy living in the UK [Personal site]





I am a programmer and I’ve been co-hosting most of the HelsinkiDojos with MarkusHjort .


Software developer in Paris, France. Attendee of the first coding dojo since 2004 (date of its creation) in Paris. Among many participations, I presented two katas, one in Java and one in Haskell. I also like randori and randori star/squared. /WikiTips




CS Student in Instituto de Matemática e Estatística. Weblog:


Programmer and Python enthusiast. Invited by DaniloSato to found the SaoPauloDojo . Someone who apparently cannot make links to external sites (at least with a leading protocol ;)) More at


Ron Romero is a programmer who’s been working in the trenches for one company or another for about fifteen years now. Lately he’s been leading Dojos and encouraging TDD, Agile, and Lean development. His blog is at


Rudy X. Desjardins - a.k.a. the Dangerous Programmer :)

Rui Carvalho

Hey, I’m Rui, I’m a software craftsman with experience in the web and .net world. I do code, help people, speak, teach and learn. I’m the organizer of the Paris Alt.Net meetup and the NewCrafts conference. you can find me on Twitter and Github with @rhwy


I am a coach, consultant, presenter, and trainer in coding and Agile / XP practices such as TDD, refactoring, clean code practices, and legacy code. I facilitate coding dojos in Boston, MA for the Boston Software Crafters meetup and for companies. Boston Software Crafters: Agile Technical Skills: I can be reached at


I’d like to see a TorontoDojo get started, and I can offer space to help that happen.


I am the CTO of Responsive Development Technologies in Linköping, Sweden. We focus on developing the development organisation and management of our client companies using Agile & Lean techniques. Usually I work as a coach, but sometimes as an architect, team lead, analyst, developer, tester and if so must of the time all of those roles at the same time. AndreasLarsson and me started CodersDojoSweden after our visit to XP2006 in Oulu, Finland, where we tried our hands at the Bowling kata for the first time.


I’m a developer at Sigma. I have performed a number of Coding Dojos with Tobias Anderberg.


I organize the Agical Coding Dojo based in Stockholm, Sweden



I develop software on-and-off (coaching clients on test driven development), first ran a coding dojo at Agile Open, and then t the BBC, as a way to let developers experience Test Driven Development with a minimal amount of explanation (we even developed part of the test framework during the day). After that I’ve started to incorporate dojo forms more and more into courses and conference sessions. Great to run, great to participate in.