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Edit on Github Goal: write a program that displays LCD style numbers.

Part 1

Write a program that given a number (with arbitrary number of digits), converts it into LCD style numbers using the following format:

| _| ||||_ |_ |||||
||_ _| | ||| ||_| _|

(each digit is 3 lines high)

Note: Please do NOT read the second part before completing the first. Part of the purpose of this kata is to make you practice refactoring and adapting to changing requirements.

Part 2

Change your program to support variable width or height of the digits. For example for width = 3 and height = 2 the digit 2 will be:


| |___

This kata based on:

I saw a screen cast that Corey Haines did on this at

The code for his solution is at

The basic idea is the inverse of KataBankOCR