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About this Kata

This Kata was posted as the problem to be solved in a “self-documenting code contest”:

Problem Description

Write a program that generates all two-word anagrams of the string “documenting”. Here’s a word list you might want to use:


You should think about the performance of your solution and whether making it faster affects readability.

Suggested Test Cases

none as yet.

Comments from those who are working on this Kata

The results of the “self documenting code contest” are at

After programing the first version with TDD appraoch it is very interesing to take different appraoches to this problem and reuse your tests. If you use parallel/multi-threading - will your tests still verify your solution or will they fail cuz they assumed a particular order? What is the most time consuming operation in your solution? Can you go crazy optimizing it and still be sure you solution works thanks to tests? A note for .NET programers: sorting takes quite some time, can you do it faster? (I think I did, check it out here: