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Employee Report

About this Kata

This Kata was developed to show how overspecification of assertions harms maintainability of tests. A blog post with a possible solution can be found here:

Problem Description

You’re building an employee management system of a local grocery store. The shop-owner wants to open the shop on Sunday and due to legal restrictions employees younger than 18 years are not allowed to work Sundays. The employee asks for a reporting feature so she can schedule work shifts. All employees are already stored somewhere and have the following properties:

const employees = [
  { name: 'Max', age: 17 },
  { name: 'Sepp', age: 18 },
  { name: 'Nina', age: 15 },
  { name: 'Mike', age: 51 },


Start with the first user-story and write at least one test for every requirement. Try not to look on future requirements upfront and follow the TDD-Cycle strictly.