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Birthday Greetings

As you’re a very friendly person, you would like to send a birthday note to all the friends you have. But you have a lot of friends and a bit lazy, it may take some times to write all the notes by hand.

The good news is that computers can do it automatically for you.

Imagine you have a flat file with all your friends :

 last_name, first_name, date_of_birth, email
 Doe, John, 1982/10/08,
 Ann, Mary, 1975/09/11,

And you want to send them a happy birthday email on their birth date :

 Subject: Happy birthday!

 Happy birthday, dear <first_name>!

How would this software look like ? Try to implement it so you can easily change :

What kind of tests would you write ? Would you use Mocks ?

Additional Features


This kata is largely inspired by the work of Matteo Vaccari in