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Movie Rental

The Martin Fowler’s book “Refactoring, Improving the Design of Existing Code” start with a (very) simple example of refactoring of code.

Actualy the statement method prints out a simple text output of a rental statement

Rental Record for martin
  Ran 3.5
  Trois Couleurs: Bleu 2
Amount owed is 5.5
You earned 2 frequent renter points

We want to write an HTML version of the statement method :

<h1>Rental Record for <em>martin</em></h1>
  <tr><td>Trois Couleurs: Bleu</td><td>2</td></tr>
<p>Amount owed is <em>5.5</em></p>
<p>You earned <em>2</em> frequent renter points</p>

First refactor the program to make it easy to add the feature, then add the feature.

The original code was in java. You will find implementations in different languages (java, python, typescript, php, etc.) at this address: