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When I first talked to LaurentBossavit about the ParisDojo , he had an idea about writing a book about it that would help people to set up a regular dojo. The book would be small, light and easy to read, pragmatic and helpful. I am attracted by the idea of having something in print that would be relatively static and authoratative, as a complement to the more interactive material this wiki. To start with, I was just thinking of contributing some material to this website and get some feedback.

I think this book would include an introduction to the dojo concept, and information about what might go on at a dojo meeting. There would be advice about how to structure sessions, what to emphasize, and common problems to expect. I would hope to include research papers from people who have set up dojos, where they would share their experiences and wisdom. There would also be an example of at least one fully worked “Kata” which takes you step by step through completing it. (I’m not so sure about that one. It may be better as a webcast than as a book.) Then there would be a catalogue of suitable Kata exercises. Each kata would have a problem description, then some information about how difficult it is, what it aims to teach, and perhaps some hints on how to solve it. Then there might be a full analysis section written by people who think they have mastered the kata. People wishing to use the kata at their dojo could choose to not read that section until they had tried the kata for themselves.

I have made a start on the KataCatalogue on this wiki, so please take a look and contribute if you have time and energy. If you are interested in contributing experience reports etc, do contact me directly. – EmilyBache