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DojoRoles : DojoOrganizer and DojoAttendee

I have difficulties to make a clear distinction between the roles of attendee and organizer, perhaps because in Paris we are a self-organized group since the very beginning. – PhilippeBlayo

Philippe, the FloripaDojo is getting self-organized now, so I can tell you there’s a clear distinction between the roles (i. e. organizers are involved before/after the sessions and attendee contributes only during the sessions). However, I also believe these definitions are useless since they don’t contribute with the dojo itself ;) – IvanSanchez

Ivan, thank you for the clarification. I realize that the amount of involvement before/after sessions varies between Dojo s (find a room, digital projector, date for next session, subjects, publication of retrospectives and code, …). – PhilippeBlayo

Are these definitions really useless? Doesn’t it help to make it clear that there are some thing that _everyone_ has to do and some things that _someone_ has to do? – EmilyBache