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Following the success of a similar workshop at XP2009, I would like to announce the programme for a workshop at XP2010.

“Test Driven Development: Performing Art”

(Workshop organizer is EmilyBache )

who which Kata language/tools DaniloSato & HugoCorbucci KataSudokuVerifier Smalltalk Johannes Brodwall & Ivar Nilsen the Java EE spike kata Java EE Marcus Ahnve & Jimmy Larsson KataTennis Ruby & RSpec ThomasNilsson & Andreas KataTexasHoldEm C++

Test Driven Development is a skill that needs time and practice to master. The aim of these PreparedKata is to demonstrate excellence in the use of Test Driven Development, and to result in some high quality code. This will be for the benefit of the many programmers attending the conference, who can come along and witness high quality code being written using TDD, and get a chance to ask questions and provide feedback. It will also benefit the performers who will be exposed to useful feedback from a discerning audience, and have the chance to show off their considerable skills.

Each performance will last around 30 minutes, and be followed by 10 minutes of feedback/discussion, during which the next performers will set up their laptop with the projector.

The workshop is scheduled for the morning of Friday 4th June, and there is more information about the conference at

This workshop was held at XP2009:

“Test Driven Development: Performing Art”

(Workshop organizer was EmilyBache )

This was the programme:

who which Kata language/tools ThomasNilsson & Andreas KataBowling Java DaniloSato & Patrick Kua KataMinesweeper Ruby with RSpec and Cucumber ThomasSundberg & TobiasAnderberg KataBlackJackTraining Java LasseKoskela & Dave Nicolette KataTransactionLengths Java with JDave

The formal session description was at Most of the participants wrote about the session on their various blogs.