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[TestDrivenDevelopment](/TestDrivenDevelopment) is a way of working, or

a process for writing code. You work is paced in BabySteps and your progress is assured by frequently writing and running automated tests. Coding proceeds in an extremely focused and productive rhythm:

1. Write a test for a new function. The test should fail.

2. Write code until the test passes.

3. Refactor until the code is suitable for continued development

4. Goto 1.

If we use a UnitTestFramework , like JUnit, we get nice colours on the screen telling us exactly what to do next.

That is all what we are allowed to do. If we start breaking these simple rules we cannot stay focused, things gets complicated, we start forgetting pieces and we end up hoping that there is enough undo steps in our editor to get us out of the mess we created.