Coding Dojo

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Participants: AlexandreFreire , BrunoGola , DaniloSato , EduardoSouza , HugoCorbucci , IgorSugupira , JulianMonteiro , KellyBraghetto , MarcioSantos , MarianaBravo , RodrigoPimentel

Scribe: MarianaBravo

Kata: Bowling in Python ( KataBowling )


: 20:00 ~ 20:20 Introduction to the Dojo

A few participants came for the first time, so we started with a brief introduction to the Dojo.

20:20 ~ 21:40 Coding Session

After voting for the Bowling problem, we began coding the problem in Python with Randori style. We had dificulties in the begining because we didn’t understand the problem completely before starting to solve it. Halfway through the meeting we stopped coding and discussed parts of the problem that we hadn’t understood. Also, during the meeting, the group discussed two approaches to the problem without agreeing to stick to one of them. The pair up front decided which way to go next. We didn’t finish the problem, but the portion developed can be downloaded at

21:40 ~ 22:00 Retrospective

This time there was no food, but the retrospective went quite well. We tried to understand the reason we didn’t manage to finish the problem and came up with some action items to prevent those issues to happen again (such as making sure everybody undestands the problem defore starting to solve it). We also agreed that not finishing the problem was not such a bad thing, since we learned a lot just with the discussions about it. Finally, there was a suggestion that volunteers tried to implement the two approaches considered for the problem and present them as a Kata for the next session, which everybody agreed was an excellent idea.