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Participants: AlexandreFreire , BrunoGola , DanielCordeiro , DaniloSato , FabricioSousa , FernandoFreire , GiulianoMega , HugoCorbucci , IgorSugupira , JacquelineMarchetti , JulianMonteiro , KellyBraghetto , MarianaBravo , PauloCheque , RafaelBarroso , RodrigoPimentel

Scribe: HugoCorbucci

Kata: Bowling in Python ( KataBowling )


: 20:00 ~ 20:15 Presentation of the problem to new members &
Creativity card

A creativity card was picked and read then the problem was explained. There were three new members and the score rules were not clear to old members either so we spent some time discussing the rules.

20:15 ~ 21:05 First version of the Kata by DaniloSato using a partial approach

Since last meeting the code evolved pretty slowly due to changes on the solution to be used, the group decided to have some volunteers to solve the problem on their way and then demonstrate both approaches. DaniloSato defended the partial approach which is the one available on bowling machines. The program only has the play infos one after the other and does not considers the full game to calculate the score. The Kata went very smoothly and the only problem found by MarianaBravo when a spare was kept on history while it shouldn’t. Problem was easily solved. The main critic was that Danilo didn’t worried with parsing the input.

21:05 ~ 22:00 Second version of the Kata by RodrigoPimentel

On this second approach, things went a little slower because the group was a lot more participative since Rodrigo was going a bit slower. No special issue on this case except some complains about using a boolean result as an integer. By the end, Rodrigo had to speed up a little but we didn’t manage to implement all refactoring wished. This solution was based on the fact that it is always possible to look forward on plays since the whole score is available. Both codes can be found at:

22:00 ~ 22:30 Retrospective with food

Everyone hurried to grab their piece of sandwich and write yellow (positive) and pink (negative) cards. It was very filled. Several comments on python’s features such as lambda, sum and booleans being used as integer. Almost a tie regarding the style of the meeting. Some people demonstrated to like the Kata style, others prefered the Randori. The results of the retrospective can be seen at: