Coding Dojo

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**Participants:** DanielCordeiro , [DaniloSato](/people/DaniloSato) ,

EduardoSousa , GiulianoMega , GuilhermeSilveira , HugoCorbucci , JulianMonteiro , KellyBraghetto , MarianaBravo , PauloCheque , RafaelBarroso e RodrigoPimentel

Scribe: DaniloSato

Food: JulianMonteiro

Kata: Roman Numerals in Python (


: 20:25 ~ 20:35 Introduction of new participants and choosing
kata/programming language

20:35 ~ 21:15 Coding Session I

Code TDD’ed in Randori style, switching pairs every 7 minutes. In the beggining, the participants had a feeling of competition and rushed to code and finish the problem. However, the moderator tried to slow down the pace and reminded the group that the dojo is a learning experience and that the discussions and insights are much more valuable than finishing the problem itself. Some interesting discussions about TDD and Refactoring took place while the code was developed. Some photos were taken and are available at

21:15 ~ 21:25 Coffee Break + Discussions

Food and more discussions regarding some issues with the code.

21:25 ~ 21:50 Coding Session II

The group continued implementing the kata, however some discussions about the Randori rules were held throughout the session. The final code was not bad, but everyone agreed that there was room for improvement. The complete code can be found at (

21:50 ~ 22:30 Retrospective

This time the retrospective was longer and the feedback from the group was very valuable. Although there were more “to improve” post-its then “went well” post-its, everyone enjoyed the experience and suggested many action items that will improve our next meeting. These action items will be included in next meeting’s reminder page at SaoPauloDojo . The overall feeling is very positive and everybody is looking forward to collaborate and participate. The results from the Retrospective can be found at