Coding Dojo

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**Participants:** DanielCordeiro , [DaniloSato](/people/DaniloSato) ,

HugoCorbucci , KellyBraghetto , MarianaBravo and PauloCheque

Scribe: MarianaBravo

Food: HugoCorbucci

Kata: Roman Numerals in Python (


: 20:00 ~ 21:40 Coding Session

Based on the code written on the 19-Jul-2007 meeting we finished the Roman Numerals problem. We used TDD and Randori, switching pairs every 7 minutes. Coding flowed more easily this time, and everyone was satisfied with the result, which can be downloaded at

21:40 ~ 22:00 Coffee Break + Retrospective

Food and a retrospective followed the coding session. People felt more confident in using the Randori style, but wondered why less participants came to this meeting.