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**Participants:** BrenoFranco , [DaniloSato](/people/DaniloSato) ,

FabricioSousa , HugoCorbucci , JacquelineMarchetti , MarianaBravo , PauloCheque and Yoshi

Scribe: DaniloSato

Kata: Tempesta Challenge in Java


: 20:15 ~ 20:30 Choosing and Discussing the Problem

The Tempesta Challenge was a game developed some years ago by GuilhermeSilveira and PauloSilveira . The goal is to program a robot that has to battle other participant’s robots in a circular arena. The last man standing is the winner. We decided to run the Challenge in one of our upcoming meetings, and this time we’ve chosen to implement a simple robot to understand the game API and to play with it, preparing our participants for the ultimate challenge! :-)

20:30 ~ 22:00 Coding Session

The robot was developed in Java in a RandoriKata style, switching pairs every 7 minutes. We wanted to implement a simple robot that moved to the center of the arena and stopped. The arena was built of rings that, in regular time intervals, fell off and made it smaller. The strategy was to stay alive, avoiding falling with one of the rings. The code is available at

22:00 ~ 22:15 Retrospective

Some of the lessons learned from the session were: we learned some of the API details such as its Vector representation and x, y coordinates; programming without tests feels unsafe. Some of the things that could be improved: the programming environment; the API documentation could be improved; we should be writing more tests; and we had a mysterious bug at the end of the session