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**Participants:** BrenoFranco , [DaniloSato](/people/DaniloSato) ,

FabricioSousa , JacquelineMarchetti , ThiagoColucci and Yoshi

Scribe: DaniloSato

Kata: Grid Folding (


: 20:15 ~ 20:20 Choosing the Problem

This time the problem was chosen quickly. We decided to solve the Grid Folding problem from Ruby Quiz.

20:20 ~ 22:00 Discussing the Problem

Instead of trying to simulate the paper folding using Arrays, we decided to discuss different approaches to the problem. It was quite interesting to see how other people think and different strategies for tackling the problem. Due to the rich discussion, we didn’t have time to start coding. There seems to be interesting maths under this problem. In fact, there are a lot of studies in the area (origami math). Another interesting aspect of the metting was how the participants self-organized to discuss the problem: in the beggining, I was exploring the problem by simulating some scenarios on the black board. After a while, some participants decided to step up and try different approaches in the black board. In the end, we were all standing up, discussing different things in parallel, mostly working in pairs.

22:00 ~ 22:15 Retrospective

After the meeting, we decided to do our usual retrospective. The feedback was overall very good, altough we didn’t have time to actually code. Everyone enjoyed the discussion and the food (pizzas!). Some people suggested that this problem could be a good candidate for a PreparedKata in the next meeting.