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**Participants:** BrenoFranco , [DaniloSato](/people/DaniloSato) ,

FabricioSousa , FernandoMeyer , FernandoRaganhan , HugoCorbucci , MarianaBravo , PauloSilveira , RodrigoFlores , RodrigoKumpera , ThiagoColucci and Yoshi

Scribe: DaniloSato

Kata: “Splitting the Loot” (RubyQuiz ) in Python (


: 20:20 ~ 20:50 Choosing and Discussing the Problem

Today we had some problems with the environment and spend some time configuring it. After that, we decided to vote which problem we would solve. We decided to solve a problem from RubyQuiz , called “Splitting the Loot”. Since this is an NP-complete problem, we spend more time discussing the different approaches to solve it.

20:50 ~ 22:00 Coding Session

We tackled the problem in a RandoriKata style, programming in Python and switching pairs every 7 minutes. Once again, some environment issues slowed us down. By the end of the meeting, we were not able to solve the problem, but we thought it would be a good candidate for a PreparedKata in the next meeting. The code is available at

22:00 ~ 22:15 Retrospective

Some of the lessons learned from the session were: some Python syntax (list slice, and range with parameters); the discussion was good (although it took some of our implementation time) and the challenge was fun (harder algorithm). On the other side, we think we can improve our environment and we need more time to program. To find a good balance between discussion time and implementation time is hard when the difficulty level of the problem changes.