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**Participants:** [HugoCorbucci](/people/HugoCorbucci) ,

MarianaBravo , FabricioSousa , AdolfoRodrigues , MartinFabichak , LucianoPacheco , ThiagoColucci and aFriendOfMartin

Scribe: ? ( HugoCorbucci )

Kata: Expressions ( in Smalltalk


: 20:15 ~ 20:30 Choosing and Discussing the Problem (as Usual)

20:30 ~ 22:15 Coding Session

The problem was solved in Smalltalk with SUnit using Squeak. It worked in a RandoriKata style, switching pairs every 7 minutes. The main discussion was around how operations could be represented alike in pre, post and infix notation. We discussed how to build a tree operation and what was the differnce between prefix notation and postfix notation. Then it was easy to see it all involved building up a tree and making the right search on it. Spent the rest of the time coding the Tree in Smalltalk. The code is available at but requires Squeak V3.9 to be run.

22:15 ~ 22:30 Retrospective

Some of the lessons learned from the session were: a lot fo Smalltalk (since few attendees knew it) and how to write any expression in pre, post or infix notation (or any other) by the use of a binary tree. Actions regarding next session were to have a simpler problem for new languages and, if possible, a Kata to demonstrate its use.

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