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**Participants:** [HugoCorbucci](/people/HugoCorbucci) ,

MarianaBravo , FabricioSousa , AdolfoRodrigues , MartinFabichak ,JacquelineMarchetti

Scribe: FabricioSousa

Randori: CUnit - A C UnitTest module written by dojo people


: 20:15 ~ 20:30 Choosing and Discussing the Problem (as Usual)

20:30 ~ 22:15 Coding Session

We create some basic functions such as assert_true and assert_equals using C. Testing the Unit with it’s own test was pretty nice, and the whole thing about double negation and boolean logic gave a certain problem at first. We ended the coding part of the session with such a good set of tools that we can keep building it as we need it on further sessions.

22:15 ~ 22:30 Retrospective

Some of the lessons learned from the session were: Pre-compilation directives of C such as #define, #ifndef; How a Unit Test is build; boolean logic could be not so trivial to understand; and to use metaphors to explain complex things (Creative Whack Pack).

Action Items for Next Meeting

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