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**Participants:** [HugoCorbucci](/people/HugoCorbucci) ,

MarianaBravo , FabricioSousa , AdolfoRodrigues , JacquelineMarchetti , ThiagoColucci , Luiz, Matheus, Claudivan, BrenoFranco , LeandroLameiro

Scribe: MarianaBravo

Randori: The blocks problem ( in C

Photos: Photos of this session and the previous one can be found at

Schedule (times are innacurate)

: 20:00 ~ 20:15 Introduction of new members and dojo presentation.
Choosing problem.

We’ll settle on C as a language for a while, because jumping between languages no one knows doesn’t get us anywhere. We’re also using, of course, our own developed C Unit Tests “framework”.

20:15 ~ 20:40 Problem discussion

We explained the problem and discussed a few approaches. We drew the possible commands of the block world on the board, to help us understand them.

20:40 ~ 22:00 Coding Session

We spent some minutes preparing the Makefile (no one really remembered how to do it and we got some errors), and then started coding. The Dojo C Tests worked fine, but we found some feature requests - possibly for future meetings. We started by what seems to be the most tricky operation (pile over) and we managed to finish a part of it.

22:00 ~ 22:20 Retrospective

Some of the highlights from the retrospective:

* We don’t know how to test that our program frees allocated memory

* We learned to write and use a Makefile, despite the difficulties with it

* We had a complaint about the programming environment: mac shortcuts are odd and the editor we used wasn’t very good

* We enjoyed using C for a change and we liked very much to use our own “Dojo C Tests”. We have feature requests for it.

* We liked having new people

Action Items for Next Meeting